15 Easy Ways To Make Your Cat Happy

If you are a cat, living can be hard. Cats do not know what to do with themselves when they are not in the middle of getting their claws into something or running after some prey. For those moments when your cat is feeling lost and alone, try these 15 ways to make your cat happy:

1. Play with them

Cats love to play, and it is important if you want your cat to be happy that they have something active to do all the time. Various toys for them will keep them happy, and ultimately entertained, so play with your cat as often as you can when they need it most!

2. Snuggles

Snuggling is important for cats, so make sure you spend the time snuggling with them every day. This will help to calm and comfort them when they are feeling lonely or scared.

3. Groom them

Cat’s love being groomed by their owners because it helps them feel loved and cared for. Your cat likes a nice long brushing session with a soft brush every day. You can learn about  How To Groom Cat Or Dog With A Razor Comb here.

4. Scratch them where it feels good

Cats have many of the same sensitive spots that people do, and they are just waiting for someone to scratch! Their ears, back, legs, and even the belly are all great places to rub your cat when you take them out of their bed in the morning.

5. Howl with them

Cat’s love howling, and it is a great way to bond with your cat! Howling is fun for cats, especially when you are doing it together! Howl or meow along with your cat when they do at any point in the day to make both of you happy.

6. Put up a bird feeder

Put up a bird feeder outside your window so they can watch the birds and hunt them

Cats love hunting! Watching something hunt outside your window will make them feel happy, as it is a good reminder of their past lives. Cats always enjoy watching birds and hunting them as they did in the wild.

7. Give them lots of catnip when they wake up and before bed

Cats love catnip! It makes them very happy because it reminds them of a time in their lives when they were still mostly carefree. Catnip can be used to distract your cat from other upset feelings, as well.

8. Gather all the hairballs together and make a nice comfy bed for your cat

Cats love to sleep, and hairball beds are very comfortable. Pile up all the hairs that they leave behind after grooming sessions and make a soft place for them to sleep. Some cats will even shed their fur into a neat stack that you can use to make their bed! How considerate of them.

9. Give them a scratching post

Scratching is incredibly important for cats. They love to scratch, and it is part of who they are as a cat, so be sure that you let them scratch wherever they would like! Whether it be your couch or their scratching post, many cats would prefer to have the option.

10. Bring home a new toy for them to chew on

Get a new toy at the store every day for your cat. Cats love to chew on whatever they can get their paws on, and it helps to keep them happy when they are feeling bored. You can read a guide about the best toys for cats here.

11. Spend time with them outside in nature

Cats love to spend time outside, and they enjoy it more when you are with them. Take your cat with you on a walk or just bring them out into the backyard for some playtime for them to be happy.

12. Give them extra treats so they do not feel lonely at night

Cat’s love treats, but they also can feel lonely when you are not around. So, always keep a stash of cat treats for them so they have something to do and someone to eat while you are gone.

13. Play with their paws

Giving your cat’s paws attention will make them happy. Cat’s love having their paws played with, and it makes them feel like they are being loved. This also gives them something to do while you are not awake or busy for a few hours.

14. Help them socialize

Cats are very social animals, so if they are by themselves for a few hours, it can be hard for them to deal. Howling along with them or meowing can help them feel fulfilled when you are not around. This is the same way that we humans feel when someone texts us or calls us on the phone.

15. always Make sure they are happy

Cats are creatures of habit (just like us!) so you should take time every day to ensure that they are happy. How are you doing with this? Does your cat have all these things and more? How do you make your cat happy? Feel free to share in the comments below!


It is not uncommon for a cat to feel lonely or upset. These feelings are normal and can be prevented with the help of some easy tips that make your kitty happy, such as giving them extra treats, so they will not feel alone at night or letting them out into nature. Be sure to take time every day to ensure that you are making your kitty happy by following these simple guidelines!

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