10 Best Cat Food for Urinary Crystals 2021 Reviews

10 Best Cat Food for Urinary Crystals 2021. Cat owners are lucky when it comes to their pet’s maintenance as cats are much cleaner than dogs, and they learn how to use the litter box much easier. However, if you find yourself in a situation where your cat is doing the business outside the box, there is a reason to be concerned. Just like you, cats can also have urinary health problems. Even though going to the vet should be the first thing you do, there are some changes that you can bring to your cat’s diet to alleviate this problem.

Cat Food for Urinary Crystals 2021 Reviews

There are many reasons why your cat might be facing urinary issues. One of the biggest reasons for this is urinary tract infection. In severe cases, your feline friend might be going through a kidney disease that you are unaware of. Also, kidney stones can be the reason for your cat’s urinary crystals.

No matter what the reason is, as the parent, you need to act quickly. Your cat urinating outside the box is not only an issue for you. It is much likely that your pet is in pain or distress, so you need to tend to them quickly.

Some people might want to make homemade cat food for urinary crystals, but you need to have sufficient knowledge about the feline diet for this. Alternatively, you can buy ready-made cat food made, especially for sick cats. Here are the best cat foods for urinary crystals that you can give to your pet.

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Urinary Cat Food Comparison

This urinary cat food comparison table will help you in quickly navigating through this review. We have included cat foods for all life stages, adult cats, and kitties. Similarly, there is wet and dry cat food in this review. You will surely find something for your feline baby on this list.

Cat FoodRoyal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO in Gel Canned Cat FoodWysong Uretic – Dry Natural Food for CatsTiki Cat Grill Grain-Free Canned FoodHill’s Prescription Diet Multicare Urinary CareBlue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Urinary Care for Cats
Age groupAllAllAllAllAdult
IngredientsMultipleMainly ProteinMultipleMultipleMainly Fiber & Protein
Prescription RequiredYesNoNoYesNo

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Urinary SO in Gel Canned Cat Food

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Feline Urinary SO In Gel Canned Cat Food

It is better to feed your cat wet cat food as it is rich in moisture. When your cat is suffering from bladder or kidney issues, they need to drink more water. This cat food for urinary crystals is one of the best options out there for your cat’s urinary tract health.

It contains minerals that help in diluting the urinary crystals so that they can be passed easily through the cat’s body. Also, it prevents the formation of calcium stones by reducing the urine’s ion concentration.

Since this is prescription cat food for urinary crystals, you will need a vet’s note to buy this cat food. You can get a prescription from your vet and feed this cat food to your feline baby for immediate results.

Wysong Uretic – Dry Natural Food for Cats

Wysong Uretic - Dry Natural Food for Cats

This cat food has all the right nutrients that your cat needs when it is sick. It has been trusted by pet owners for many years and continues to be a favorite. It contains a high amount of micronutrients, probiotics, micronutrients, antioxidants, and much more.

Moreover, it is rich in protein with 42% protein content and 15% fat content. It has been specially created for urine health and is suitable for cats of all life stages.

If your cat is not a huge fat of wet food, you can feed the Wysong Uretic dry food to him or her. This is nonprescription cat food for urinary health, so you do not need a letter from your vet. However, this cat food does contain grain, so if your cat is sensitive to it, you should opt for another urinary health cat food.

Tiki Cat Grill Grain-Free Canned Food

Tiki Cat Grill Grain-Free, Low-Carbohydrate Wet Food

The Tiki cat food is filled with flavor and also improves your cat’s urinary health. Water is very important for a cat who is going through urinary health issues. This cat food is made with stock, so it is rich in moisture.

Along with that, it also has lots of vitamins, minerals, omega fatty acids, and taurine to keep your pet healthy. It does not contain starch, grains, or gluten, so there is no need to worry about allergies.

This formula is quite popular among picky eaters, so if your cat likes to throw tantrums when it comes to eating, you can try this cat food for urinary crystals. It provides a balanced and delicious diet to your furry friend, which is rich in all the nutrients that it needs to stay healthy.

Purina Pro Plan Focus Urinary Tract Health

Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Gravy Wet Cat Food, FOCUS Urinary Tract Health Formula Chicken Entree, 3Oz (Pack of 24) Click image to open expanded view Purina Pro Plan Urinary Tract Health Gravy Wet Cat Food

When you are buying cat food for your cat’s urinary health, it is best to opt for brands that have a specific food section for sick cats. This cat food has 30% fiber, which helps improve the digestive functioning of your cat.

What makes it such an amazing cat food for urinary crystals is the fact that it has 78% moisture. The water content dilutes the urinary crystals and makes them watery so that it is easy for your cat to pass them.

This cat food has been made with real chicken and has lesser dietary magnesium, and magnesium leads to the formation of crystals. The only shortcoming in this cat food is that it contains some by-products, so if your cat has allergies, you should avoid giving the Purina Pro Plan cat food to them.

Hill’s Prescription Diet Multicare Urinary Care Cat Food 

Hill’s Prescription Diet Multicare Urinary Care Cat Food

Whenever we talk about cat food, it is mandatory to mention Hill’s as their cat foods are much loved by our furry friends. This particular cat food has been made for cats with urinary health issues. It contains chicken, rice, and other ingredients. Being a prescription cat food for urinary crystals, this cat food can only be purchased if you have a vet’s note.

Hill’s cat food is the best thing because it aids in dissolving struvite stones in less than a week. Since it contains just the right levels of calcium, magnesium, and phosphorus, this cat food ensures that your cat’s urine is at a healthy pH.

If you feed this cat food to your pet, it would also reduce the likelihood of kidney stones developing in the future. No matter what age group your cat belongs to, you can use this food with a vet’s note. The antioxidants present in it will boost your cat’s immunity and make them as healthy as ever.

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Urinary Care for Cats

Blue Buffalo Natural Veterinary Diet Weight Management + Urinary Care for Cats

As a cat starts to get older, their chances of getting sick increase. If you have an older cat, you should buy this cat food for urinary crystals to ease their urinary issues. It has been made with the older cats’ weight in mind, so it has a lower fat content.

However, this does not mean that it will leave your cat feeling hungry. The higher fiber content keeps your cat satiated for a long time. For urinary health, this cat food has a controlled amount of minerals. Although minerals are an important part of a cat’s diet, too many minerals can lead to the formation of urinary crystals. This is why the mineral count in this cat food has been controlled.

There are no grains in this cat food, so if you are a parent who avoids feeding grain cat food to their feline kids, you would appreciate this. In short, this cat food provides a fully balanced meal to your adult cat along with tending to their urinary health.

Instinct Limited Ingredient Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

This cat food has been made in the USA, especially for cats who have sensitivities. There is no grain, dairy, corn, artificial color, chicken, eggs, or beef in this cat food. If you are wondering about the limited number of ingredients, it is for reducing the incidence of allergies in cats.

This natural cat food has been made with turkey because it is an ingredient that provides all essential amino acids to your cat. It has 11% protein content, 2% fiber, 7% fat, and 76% moisture. As you can see, there is a lot of moisture, which makes this cat food an ideal pick for cats with urinary tract infections.

It is not always the best idea to feed your cat foods that have a ton of ingredients. This could trigger allergies in your cat. This cat food contains vitamins, a protein source, a fat source, and chelated minerals, so it fills up the dietary requirements.

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Hill’s Science Diet Urinary Hairball Control Cat Food

The magnesium levels in your cat’s body are an important determining factor for the likelihood of urinary crystals forming in the urine. This cat food has an optimum amount of magnesium, which supports the cat’s urinary system.

The main ingredient in this cat food is water, which is the best when it comes to a cat with urinary issues. After that, it contains chicken and turkey as a source of essential amino acids.
Furthermore, there is also a rich amount of minerals and vitamins.

The omega 6 fatty acid, present in this cat food, supplemented by Vitamin E, improve the coat appearance and gives your cat healthy skin.

Stella & Chewy’s Duck Duck Goose Dinner

Just because your cat is sick, it does not mean that they have to eat bland food. This cat food is rich in nutrition and taste, so your feline buddy will love you for it. Being freeze-dried, this food might not be for every cat, but if your pet likes it, you are good to go.
You can serve it by adding some water. This will increase the moisture content and make it easier for your cat to digest the food.

This cat food does not contain any artificial flavors or colors and is gluten-free. These things are very important to look for when you are buying cat food as artificial additives can harm your cat’s health.

The presence of limited ingredients in this dinner makes it suitable for cats that are prone to allergies or may have sensitivity issues. It helps in improving your buddy’s appetite, improving digestion, strengthening the immune system, enhancing gum health, and giving your cat beautiful skin.

Purina ONE Urinary Tract Health Formula Adult Cat Food

Just because this is the last cat food for urinary crystals on our list does not mean that it is not effective. This cat food is made of beef and liver, so it provides essential nutrients to your friend.
It has been made especially for a cat’s urinary tract health, so it will help your cat is getting well sooner. Since it contains a controlled concentration of minerals, it aids in maintaining the right pH in the urinary tract of your cat.

It has been made with real beef and has no fillers, soy, corn, or wheat. Keep in mind that this food is for adult cats, so if you have a sick kitty, you should look at one of the options above.

Buyer’s Guide

When you are buying cat food for your sick baby, you need to make sure that it has the right nutrients needs to maintain an optimal pH balance in the cat’s urinary tract. This is something that cat foods for urinary crystals are specially made for.

The cat food you choose must be made of high-quality ingredients. You do not want your cat to get even sicker, so it is best to give them cat food with limited but quality ingredients without any preservatives or artificial additives. Here are a few things to keep in mind when buying cat food for a cat going through urinary tract problems.


First and foremost, moisture is very important. The main reason for the formation of urinary crystals is that the water content is low in your cat’s urinary tract. Due do this, the urine does not get diluted enough, and crystals are formed.

Make sure that you choose a cat food that has high moisture content. This food will help in diluting the urine. If there are kidney stones, they will also be diluted through the cat food’s moisture and will be flushed through the urinary tract.


Moisture is not the only thing that is going to keep your cat healthy and well-fed. You have to feed them something that makes up for the daily dietary requirements too.

Most cat foods made for urinary health contain omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Along with providing nutrition to your cat, these fatty acids also improve their coat appearance and skin. Also, your cat will be filled with energy when it is fed high-quality fats.


Always read the complete ingredient list before you buy any cat food for your furry friend. Sometimes, you will find that there are plant-based ingredients in the cat food that your cat might be sensitive too.

Also, some cat foods contain grain, soy, and other allergic ingredients. If your cat is sensitive to anything, make sure that you read the ingredients list properly. Choose cat food that contains proteins, limited carbs, fats, and a controlled amount of minerals.


A high amount of magnesium is to be blamed for the occurrence of kidney stones or urinary crystals. However, magnesium is an important nutrient in your cat’s diet, and it should not be totally removed.

So, you should feed your cat a diet that has a controlled amount of magnesium. There are many nonprescription cat foods for urinary cats that have optimum magnesium levels to maintain the right pH in the urinary tract.

Age Group

Not all cat foods are suitable for all age groups. While younger cats need cat foods that are rich in fat, older ones do not need so much fat as they are prone to getting obese.

So, when you buy cat food for a cat with urinary infections, make sure that you buy it according to their age.

Otherwise, you might end up creating other health problems for your pet friend. It is best to get guidance from a vet on this.

Prescription or no Prescription?

Cat foods that are specially made for urinary health contain some ingredients that you cannot give to your cat without a vet’s authorization. This is why you would need a vet’s note to get them.

However, there are also some cat foods that you can get without a prescription. It is up to you which cat food you would like to buy. It is considered best to consult a vet before you give your cat any kind of cat food since the vet knows best.


How much food does my cat need?

This depends on your cat’s age and how much physical activity your cat does in a day. If your cat is young and always running around, they will need more calories, so you need to buy cat food with a high-calorie count.

However, if your cat is older, you should feed them twice a day. Since older cats do not do much physical activity, they tend to get obese if fed excessively.

Why is magnesium present in cat foods?

Even though high magnesium levels lead to the formation of urinary crystals, magnesium is an important part of your pet’s diet. An optimal concentration of magnesium is needed for proper muscle function, bone health, heart health, and other things in your pet’s body.
Cat foods that are made for urinary health do not completely lack magnesium. They have a controlled amount of the mineral since your cat will always need this mineral, even if it is in a limited amount.

What if my cat does not drink a lot of water?

If your cat does not drink a lot of water, this is something to worry about as a lack of water intake leads to urinary tract problems such as kidney stones and crystals. You can try to make things interesting by using a cat fountain. Your cat might drink more water this way.
Alternatively, you can try to feed your cat more wet food as it contains moisture. Even if you are feeding dry cat food, you can use wet food toppers to fulfill the moisture requirements.

Will my cat get bored with his food?

Yes, just like you get bored with the same food every day, your pets do too. You should try to change your diet from time to time. However, if your cat is suffering from any health conditions, it is best to talk to a vet before you make any big changes in their diet.

Can I get cat food for urinary crystals without a prescription?

Yes, you can get cat food for urinary crystals without a prescription. This depends on the kind of cat food you are buying. Some cat foods have certain ingredients that require a vet’s note for purchase.

If you do not have a vet’s note, you can buy nonprescription cat food for urinary crystals as they are also easily available.

Why does my cat pass urinary crystals?

The main reason for this is a shortage of water in your cat’s body. The waste material that is excreted from the cat’s body needs to be diluted with water to be passed as a liquid. When there is not a lot of water content in the cat’s body, the urine is passed as crystals.

Now, there can be many reasons for this. Your cat might have a urinary tract infection, kidney stones, backbone issues, or any major health problem. To know the cause, you should get your pet checked by a vet before the problem gets any worse.

Are vitamins important for my cat’s health?

Yes, vitamins are added to cat food because of their importance for a cat’s health. Think of them as supplements. If your cat lacks a particular nutrient in her or her diet, the vitamins will make up for it. Vitamins are really helpful for cats who suffer from heart conditions.


As a pet owner, you would only want the best for your cat. This is why we have made a list of the best cat foods for urinary crystals. If your cat needs to be on a urinary health diet, you can choose cat food from one of the ten mentioned above. Whichever age group, your cat, belongs to or whatever food preferences they have, you will find something for them on our list. Let us know which cat foods you have tried and how they have helped your pet.


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