How To Sharpen The Dog Clippers At Home Safely

Trimming the dog hair is not only important for appearance but also to keep them clean and healthy. With regular use, the blades become dull and not safe for dog grooming. Clippers need to be sharp to avoid the pulling of dog hair and cutting into their skin. They need to be cleaned and sharpened regularly to keep them in a working condition. Buying a new clipper every few months will pinch your wallet. Thus, the focus should be more on how to sharpen the dog clippers to give your furry friend a comfortable haircut.

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Ways of how to sharpen the dog clippers at home safely

You will need a few things-

  • Big sized washcloth or towel for easy cleaning
  • 2 small bowls for keeping the used screws and the other to submerge the blades in a cleaning solution
  • Screwdriver
  • Brush to remove hair, dirt, and debris
  • Cleaning solution to soak the blades
  • Whetstones to sharpen the blades
  • Spray water bottle to make the surface of whetstone wet
  • Small cloth for drying the blades
  • Oil to apply on the blades before reassembling

You need to use diamond sharpening stone rather than whetstone to sharpen the Andis dog clipper blades. The blades of this are of ceramic.

Guide For How To Sharpen The Dog Clippers At Home Safely-

  1. Remove the blades
    Make a video while disassembling the blades. This will help in re-fitting the parts once sharpened and cleaned.

    Turn off or unplug the clipper before removing the blades and screws from the clipper. The blades are held in by screws or a Snap-on latch. Remove the screws and blades with a screwdriver. Keep the screws and other smaller parts of the clipper in a bowl.

  2. Brush the hair from the blades
    Clipper should be cleaned before and after sharpening properly. A little bit of dirt, hair, or debris may impact the sharpness of the blades. Use a small brush that comes with a clipper or toothbrush to remove the hair or dirt.
  3. Clean the blades with a cleaning solution
    Apply cleaning solution manufactured by Andis for clippers with cotton and scrub off the debris. Else, you can soak the blades in the solution for a few hours.

    Once cleaned, dry them on the cloth before you focus on how to sharpen the blades of the dog clippers at home.

  4. Sharpen the blades
    You will have to sharpen the flat sides of both blades. Keep them flat and run side to side first on the coarse and then on the finer whetstone which is the best sharpener for clipper blades. Do 2 sets for each blade on both types of whetstone.

    First start with a larger, exterior blade and then repeat the same on the smaller, inner blade. Maintain an even pressure while sliding the blades from one end of the stone to the other. Repeat this 10-15 times to ensure that blade tips are shiny. Keep spraying the water if the stone gets dry.

    Wipe the loose metal from the blades with a soft cloth and let them dry. Once you have sharpened the Andis dog clipper blades, apply oil to make it rust-free.

  5. Reassemble the clipper
    Once the blades have been cleaned and sharpened, reattach them to the clipper. Check the video you made while disassembling. This will help you in putting back each screw and other smaller parts appropriately.

    It is not advisable to use dull and rusty dog clippers. It would pull the hair of your dog and might hurt their skin. For proper functioning of your dog clippers clean, sharpen and oil them at regular intervals.

    With the above steps, you can sharpen the dog clipper blades at home easily and safely.

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