Best Cat Toys For Bored Cats Reviews 2021

Best Cat Toys For Bored Cats Reviews 2021. If you have one cat, it’s likely that your kitty might get bored easily as he or she does not have anyone to play with. On top of that, if you’re also busy with work, you won’t have much time to spend with your cat, and this can make them bored and lazy.

This is why we have put together a list of the best cat toys for bored cats that will keep your feline friend entertained for good. In this list, you’ll find the Best Cat Toys For Bored Cats for bored indoor cats from different companies and made for different kinds of playing.

10 Best Cat Toys That Are Guaranteed Keep Your Kitties Entertained

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 1    Best Overall:

Overall, the best cat toy for a bored cat is the scratcher pad, which packs hours of fun in it. Along with playing, your cat will also be exercising while using this scratcher pad.

If your cat is always scratching the furniture, it can lead to a lot of loss for you. Why put your furniture through wear and tear when you can give your cat something to scratch? With this cat toy, your cat won’t bother the furniture anymore. Also, the toy comes with a catnip and ball, so it’s a whole package. You don’t have to buy a new scratchpad every time, as it is replaceable.


  • 16i 1/2 Diameter x 1.88i ½
  • Hours of playing
  • Exercise and playing together
  • Protects furniture from scratching

 2    Best Budget:

When picking the best cat toys for bored cats, our aim was to include toys in all price ranges so that every owner can get something for their furry friend. Thus, we have added this SmartyKat set of cat toys to our list.

In this jumbo pack, your cat gets ten mice that have catnip on them, making them a perfect thing for your kitty to play with. Plus, the size of these toys is perfect for carrying. Even when you are traveling, you can take the pack with you to keep your cat entertained.

While the catnip gives your cat a burst of energy, its purity ensures that your cat does not get sick. The catnip has been made without chemicals, keeping your cat safe and healthy.

Additionally, the toys are made of fiberfill, which is 100% recycled plastic. Thus, you’re keeping your cat happy and saving the environment at the same time.

The toys are up to 1.5 inches in size and are suitable for cats of all ages.


  • 5 inches size
  • Made of 100% recycled plastic
  • Perfectly-sized for carrying
  • Catnip on the toys
  • No chemicals used for making catnip

 3    Best Runner Up:

If your cat didn’t like the scratcher pad that we have ranked best overall, you could try giving them these interactive toys. This is quite an innovative toy that comes with multiple features to keep your cat happy and busy.

Along with a cat wand attachment, the toy also has fun-colored ribbons and feathers. Thus, it’s an exciting way to keep boredom at bay, if your cat hardly ever leaves home.

Most importantly, the toy has an intelligent design with a double motor drive. It offers 360 degrees rolling, allowing easy steering while your cat is playing. Also, the LED lamp in the toy will never let your cat be bored ever again.

Of course, you don’t want your cat to be tired of playing for long hours. So, the toy shuts off in one and a half hours, giving your cat ten minutes of rest. To add, the cat toy is made of environmental ABS, which is safe for your kitten’s health.

You just have to charge the toy for 2.5 hours to get a full charge – that’s eight hours of uninterrupted play for your cat. Here’s the best part: while the toy is mainly made for cats, your puppy will also have a great time playing with it.


  • Interactive cat toy with cat wand and colorful ribbons
  • 360 degrees automatic rolling
  • Self-steering toy
  • LED color lamp
  • Eight hours of charging
  • Made of food-grade material

 4    Most Pieces:

If you have multiple cats at home, the best thing to do for removing their boredom is to get a whole set of toys. This Highland toy set has twenty pieces, which are enough to keep all your cats happy.

Along with mice, the pack also has balls for your cat to play with. Even when you are not around, your cats can have a fun time playing with each other.

While toys are mostly for entertainment, they also give your cat the much-needed exercise to stay healthy. Also, they can help train your cat about the tactics of hunting.Now, you know what to give your cat or a friend’s cat for their next birthday.


  • Contains 20 pieces
  • Balls, mice, and catnips
  • Also has colorful feathers
  • Play and exercise
  • Enhances natural instincts

 5    Best Wand Toy:

Since cats are predators and tactual animals, they love to play with toys that enhance their natural skills. This wand toy has a handwoven mouse, which your cat will love to play with. Once the cat starts to focus on the mouse, the safety wire disappears, making the process a fun play.

No matter what age or cat is or what time of the day it is, your feline friend will love to play with this toy. It has a soft tip that protects your cat from injury while the swivel clip ensures more movement for your kitty.

If you want to add more GoCat toys to the wand, you can certainly do that. The swivel is compatible with all other toys from the company, making it possible for you to extend playtime for your kitty as much as you want.


  • Glitter wand
  • Braided safety wire
  • Hand-crafted toys
  • Has a flexible wire
  • Compatible with the company’s other toys
  • Recommended by vets


 6    Best Chasing Toy:

If your cat doesn’t go out to get enough exercise, you need a fetch toy for your cat to get the same level of mobility indoors. This fetch toy is perfect for batting and chasing, making playtime an interactive experience for your feline buddy. Along with helping your cat pass time, the toy also enhances his or her hunting instincts. Since the toys are available in five different colors, you get a randomly assorted set, getting your cat excited with such bright colors.

Furthermore, the cat toys have been designed for ultimate gameplay. They are aerodynamic, making it easy for the disc to fly through the air in indoors or outdoors.


  • Aerodynamic disc
  • Bright colors
  • Fetch toy
  • For hunting, chasing, and batting
  • Five different colors
  •  7  Best Puzzle Toy:

One of the best toys for active cats is this Cat Amazing interactive toy, which is much more than just playing. It is an award-winning you, which will keep your cat occupied for hours for playing. Besides, it allows you to bond with your cat and spend quality time together.

Basically, the toy encourages your cat to use his or her sniffing and scratching skills. They have to complete different activities to get the hidden rewards. Since there are three difficulty levels, the game will get better every time you play it with your cat.

Whichever cat treats you use, such as catnip, the toy will work seamlessly with it. Plus, it can also be used as a dispenser for dry cat food. Vets recommend this toy for cats that need to lose weight or are getting fat. If you don’t have cats at home yet, this could be an amazing gift for a friend who does.


  • Recommended by vets
  • Three difficulty levels
  • Works with all cat treats
  • Award-winning game
  • Keeps your cat busy for hours

 8    Best Tumbler Toy:

Tumbler toys don’t only look cute but are also a great way for your cat to pass the time. This 3-in-1 cat toy provides an interactive playing session for your cat while also serving a food dispenser. Additionally, it has an auto-rotating feature that will attract your cat, making her excited for playtime.

Moreover, the toy is made of non-toxic and safe materials to ensure your cat’s safety. Also, all toys from the companies are tasteless, thus, suitable for cats with all kinds of preferences. Even if you’re at work; your cat can entertain herself at home using this easy-to-function toy. All you have to do is take it out of the box, and it will be ready for use – no installation required.


  • Also works as a food dispenser
  • Tasteless
  • Made of safe and non-toxic materials
  • Speed of food serving can be adjusted
  • Auto-rotating tumbler

 9    Best Spring Toy:

Most cats love playing with a spring toy because they are surprised by the toy’s movement. You can get this Andiker interactive toy in different shapes; ball, fish, or mouse.

Firstly, it has an attractive design, so your cat will automatically be tempted to play with the toy when he or she is bored. Secondly, the rotating spring imparts resilience to the toy, ensuring that it won’t break apart if your cat is too rough on it.

Since it is a puzzle toy, it can also help in increasing your cat’s IQ, making it one of the best cat toys for lazy cats.

Besides, the toy has a folding design, so it can go to a total height of 20 cm. Your cat will have to stand on her tippy toes to catch the mouse on the top.


  • Has a steel wire spring design
  • Multi-functional toy
  • Enhances a cat’s IQ and natural instincts
  • Has a holding design
  • 20cm height

 10    Best Felt Toy:

While plastic toys are very bright and playful, they pose harm to your cat as your furry friend can get injured while playing. On the contrary, felt toys are much more comfortable to play with as they are softer.

If you’re looking for the best cat toys for bored indoor cats, you should try this Earthstone toy handmade by Asian artisan women. Along with the wand, there is a mouse and two balls in the toy, making it a complete package.

Also, the toy has an adjustable length. So, you can adjust the height of the wool string to make it suitable for your cat. The total height of the wooden wand is up to four feet, so you can use this toy even for older cats.


  • Two balls and a mouse on the wand
  • Made by artisan Asian women
  • Has a solid wooden rod
  • Adjustable length
  • Can go up to four feet

Buyer’s Guide:

Choose The Best Cat Toys For Bored Cats

Of course, you can buy a whole lot of toys to keep your cat entertained, but first, you need to know which toys to buy. In the previous section, we discussed different cat toys that you can get for your cat. In this section, we’ll talk about the criteria that you can use to select the best cat toys for bored cats.


First and foremost, you have to make sure that the toy you have bought is safe for your cat. While most manufacturers focus intently on the safety aspects, there’s no guarantee that your cat won’t get injured while playing with a plastic or wooden toy. So, it’s best to stay as safe as possible to avoid any unnecessary vet visits in the future. Make sure that the toy is not too big for your cat. For instance, if you have a kitty, don’t opt for a huge toy, and your cat might choke on it. Along with being careful about the choking hazard, you also have to ensure that the toy is not too uncomfortable for your kitty to play with. Some toys have rotating parts, so they are fitted with an electric circuit. If you buy such a toy for your cat, you have to be around whenever your cat is playing with it. Otherwise, there is a risk of your cat getting electrocuted or choking on the battery.

Thirdly, the material of a toy can be harmful to your cat. For example, a felt toy is normally safe for a cat, but it can damage its teeth. Likewise, some fabric toys have chunks of metal inside them to give the toy a structure. If your cat accidentally chews on this part, his or her mouth could get hurt. As you may have seen in our review too, most toys come with colorful ribbons and feathers. While they are a great way to tempt your cat for playtime, they can be harmful too. If your cat swallows a ribbon, you’ll most probably have to rush to the vet. So, make sure that you keep safety considerations in mind when buying toys.


Normally, the best toys for indoor cats are quite cheap, so you won’t have to spend a lot of money on your cat’s entertainment. However, some toys can be expensive, especially if they have fitted food dispensers and other features. When you’re buying a toy for your young cat, don’t choose the one that is only suitable for kittens. As your cat grows up, she’ll need to play with toys but would have outgrown the ones you bought her earlier. So, you’ll have to spend money again.

Instead, opt for toys that are suitable for all age ranges, so that your cat can play with them at every stage of her life. Besides, look for toys that come with warranties. Even if you get a defective unit or you are not satisfied with the toy, you will have an option to get a different one.

If you’re buying a toy with a battery, make sure that the battery life is long enough for your cat to enjoy comfortable playtime. For instance, the battery toy in our list has a battery duration of eight hours, so you can expect your cat to play for a very long time. Most toys don’t have this functionality, so you’ll have to replace the battery very soon or recharge them often.


When you’re buying the best cat toys for indoor cats, you have to ensure that they are durable. You wouldn’t want to replace a toy every month, would you?If the toy is durable, all your cats will be able to play with it, without the toy losing its functionality over time. Keep in mind that cats are predators, so they scratch and dismember everything that looks like prey.

When you buy a toy that looks like a mouse, the cat will definitely dissect the toy – or at least try to do it. So, you must ensure that the toy can stand the test of time. Most manufacturers guarantee that their toys are durable, so you won’t have to worry in terms of quality and longevity. Often, you’ll see that small parts like eyes and tails are glued to a toy. If the glue is not of high quality or used properly, the toy’s attachments can come off due to force exerted by your cat. Thus, it’s imperative to buy toys that are made by reputed companies and won’t start breaking apart in just a week’s play.

Another common thing that most pet owners face is that they might like a certain company initially but the company may lose its quality control the following year. For instance, your cat may love a cat toy from a specific company, and you also think it’s worth your money. However, the next year, you buy the same toy, and it rips apart in the first month. Why is that? Usually, this happens due to poor quality control by the respective company. Thus, whenever you are buying the best cat toys for older cats or kittens, make sure to read reviews beforehand.

Type of Toy

As you may have noticed from our review, there are different types of cat toys. So, you have a choice to make when it comes to type and build. For instance, if your cat is lazy, you can opt for puzzles and toys that require more IQ than activeness. On the contrary, if your cat is active, wand toys are a great option for him or her as they will always keep your furry buddy on their feet.

If you want to train your cat for hunting, you can choose toys that are suitable for chasing and batting. Along with enhancing your cat’s natural instincts, these toys also help develop its hunting skills. Battery-operated toys are also a great choice, as they help improve your cat’s responsiveness and natural skills. But, you have to be careful while your cat plays with them because they can pose a choking hazard. When cats get old, they don’t like to move around a lot and would rather stay put in one place. For such cats, you can get plush or felt toys, as they are soft, and your cat doesn’t have to be mobile to play with them.

Also, you may buy a multifunctional cat toy. These toys are also food dispensers, so you can use them for feeding and entertaining your cat at the same time. However, such toys are often more expensive than plush toys.

If you have multiple cats at home, go for the pack of toys that are available in the packaging of five to twenty. With so many toys to play with, your cats won’t fight with each other over toys.

Hopefully, this information will be enough for you to choose the right cat toy for your feline friend. If you are still confused, you can try buying different kinds of toys to figure out which one is most preferred by your kitty.


Why does my cat cry while carrying a toy?

It might seem to you that the cat is crying, but it’s actually a way for her to announce that she has caught prey. In the wild, when mother cats catch prey, they bring it to the nest for their children and then cry to get their attention. Normally, most toys are shaped like mice or fish, so when your cat finally catches a toy, she cries to announce her victory and get the attention of other cats.

Are cat laser toys cruel?

Cat laser toys are a great way to enhance your cat’s natural instincts, but they can be harmful if you direct the laser into your cat’s eyes by accident. But you don’t have to worry so much as up to 5 milliwatts is safe for humans and cats. Still, when playing with a laser cat toy, be careful. Don’t let your kids play with it as they can end up harming themselves and the cats.

How long should I play with my indoor cat?

Most experts suggest that you should at least play with your cat for an hour every day. Instead of playing for a full hour, you can divide this time into two sessions. Apart from being easier for you, it will also be beneficial for your cat as she’ll be getting your full attention twice a day. If you’re busy, you should still try to play with your cat because human contact is important for indoor cats. A playtime of half an hour every day is also sufficient if you can’t spend a full hour.

Do cats get attached to toys?

Yes, they do. No matter what age your cat is, she can easily get attached to her toy and may even take the toy to her bed.



Do cats know you are playing with them?



Cats are smart animals as they understand the concept of playing fully. Sometimes, your cat may even bring you her favorite toys so that you can play with her. However, make sure that you don’t extend the playtime beyond their limit of exhaustion.

Why does my cat bring me her toys?

If your cat brings you her toy or a dead pet, this is a sign of love and affection. You can play with her using that toy or give her attention because she is showing you her love. Do not toss away the toy.

What are the best cat toys for bored cats in Australia?

There are plenty of toys these days, and you can select any toy for your cat. Your cat might like to play with a certain kind of toy, so make sure you get a toy that your cat has shown prior interest in. Or, you can experiment with different kinds of toys to find the one that your kitty thinks is best.

Which toys are the best for my indoor bored cat?

There are some classic toys that almost all cats love. If you don’t know a specific toy that your cat might like, you can start with classic toys such as those mentioned below:


Mice are always a favorite among cats because they are the natural prey of your feline friends. Your cat will love to toss the mice toys away and drag them with their tails.As we have already mentioned, cats are predators, so they are always on the hunt. Cats are one of those animals who play with their prey before eating them. Thus, a mouse toy will ultimately be your cat’s favorite.


Cats also love to play with balls. Thus, you’ll see many cat toys that are ball-shaped and have bells or feathers attached to them. No matter how hard or soft the ball is, it’s likely that your cat will love playing with it. Make sure that you get the size that your cat can play with. For instance, if you have a kitten, don’t get a huge ball as she won’t be able to play with it. Instead, get a set of small balls that she can toss around.


No one has been able to crack the code for why cats like feathers so much, but they just do. This is why you will find feathers in most cat toys. Some toys are simply just feathers themselves, while others have feathers attached to them. In any case, these toys can be a great choice for cats of any age. When your cat is playing with feather toys, just make sure that they do not swallow the feathers as this can mean a visit to the vet.


Fish are also a cult favorite among cats because cats love to chase their prey. In most fishing toys, you have to throw the fish out and then pull the reel, allowing your cat to chase the prey. This is not just a great way to spend quality time with your pet but also makes her ready for hunting.

Reasons to Play With Your Cat

Cats are quite low-maintenance pets as they do not need to be walked daily and don’t even need a lot of space. If you are a new cat owner, you must know that just because cats are easy does not mean that they do not need your attention. Your cats need just as much attention as the dogs do, and there are different ways to spend time with your feline friends. One of the best ways to spend quality time with your kitty is to play with toys. Let’s talk about different reasons for playing with your cat and how it can benefit your kitty in the long run.


If your cat is an indoor pet, it’s likely that she or he hardly gets any exercise and is ending up getting fat. In that case, the best way to get some exercise inside the house is to play with an interactive toy. According to an estimate, 60% of cats in the US are obese. What does this mean? It means that they are not getting enough physical activity in a day and are getting overweight.

You can prevent this by bringing fun toys to the equation to make exercising fun for your cat. When you play with your cat, you are encouraging them to be more active, and that can be very beneficial for their health. Plus, it helps in burning calories and making your cat fit.

Stress Relief

Another benefit of playing with your cat is that it relieves your cat from stress. You might think that animals are not prone to be under stress or be anxious but that is not the case. Your cat may be under stress due to different reasons, and her stress can show in her behavior. For instance, if your cat is aggressive, that’s a sign of stress. You can counter your feline buddy’s stress by playing with him or her and being there for them. Even more, it may also help combat your stress too.

No More Boredom

When you stay at home the whole day or have no one to hang out with, you can easily get bored. It’s the same with your cat as she needs someone to play with her. Indoor cats are more likely to get bored because they do not go out and have no cat friends. If a cat is bored for too long, she may end up being depressed or even lethargic. You can prevent this by bringing fun toys for your cat to play with. Along with passing the time, a toy can also help your cat get active and happy.

Also, toys are a wonderful way for you and your cats to bond. If you spend a lot of time outside the home, it’s likely that your pets are not as close to you as they should be. A toy can help solve this problem by helping you spend quality time with your pets. As your cat gets older, she might not like to play as much anymore. That’s okay. You should let her rest and have some time to herself too. Do not push your cat to play.

Final Words

Cats can be amazing friends and it’s good to do something good for your friend. If your cat is lazy or bored indoors, you can get her interactive toys or plush toys to play with. Along with helping her learn how to chase and hunt, this will also ensure that your cat is not bored.

In this guide, we have discussed some of the best cat toys for bored cats. Also, we have discussed the criteria for choosing the right cat toys and why playing with your cat is so important. Hopefully, by now, you will be equipped with all the knowledge you need to ensure that your cat is never bored or lazy.


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