Best Grain Free Kitten Foods Reviews 2021

Best Grain Free Kitten Foods Reviews 2021. As your cat grows up, its dietary requirements change. Or, you may find out about their allergies and how certain foods aren’t suitable for their tummies. Since cats are carnivorous, they don’t consume many carbs. If their food is rich in carbohydrates, it’s bound to cause digestive issues.

Grain-free cat foods are quite good for your kitty as they are rich in proteins and low in carbs. In this guide, we’ll discuss some of the best grain-free cat foods so that you can choose the right one for your furry companion.

Best Grain Free Kitten Foods

Best Kitten FoodsRatingPrice
Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Purina Beyond Grain Free⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Blue Buffalo Wilderness⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Purina Cat Chow Naturals Original⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Purina Pro Plan Weight Management⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
AvoDerm Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Muse Grain-Free Natural Pate Canned Wet Cat Food⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Castor & Pollux Pristine⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Solid Gold Goat Milk Mousse Pate⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price
Purina Friskies Grain-Free Wet Cat Food⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Check Price

 1   Best Overall:

Sheba Perfect Portion Cuts in Gravy

Sheba Perfect Portions Cuts in Gravy Wet Cat Food Best Grain Free Kitten Foods Reviews 2021

Available in chicken, tuna, turkey, and salmon flavor, the Sheba Perfect Portions is a delicious grain-free wet kitten food. It comprises cuts of meat in gravy, making the perfect entrée for your cat.

Since the food is delectable and soft, your cat won’t have any trouble chewing it. For your ease, the food is available in individual trays of food. So, you won’t have any leftovers to deal with, which is often the case with canned cat goods.

All you have to do is peel the top and offer the tray filled with yummy food to your kitten. Made with corn, wheat, and soy, this cat food does not have any artificial flavors or preservatives. So, your cat is eating healthy and tasty food. No matter what life stage your cat is at, Sheba Perfect Portions makes an enjoyable gourmet meal for your pet friend. The manufacturers only use high-quality ingredients, ensuring that your cat gets the daily fix of vitamins and minerals.

  • No leftovers
  • Individual trays
  • Suitable for cats in all life stages
  • Contains minerals and vitamins
  • Hard to open the packaging without creating a mess

 2   Editor’s Pick:

Purina Beyond Grain Free

Best Grain Free Kitten Foods Reviews 2021 Purina Beyond Grain Free, Natural Dry Cat Food

If your kitty is really stinky, leave it to this cat food to solve the problem. Containing ocean whitefish and egg, this cat food is a much healthier alternative to most cat foods. It is rich in protein and contains real fish.

Moreover, it is gluten-free and contains limited ingredients. Making it suitable for kittens and cats with digestive issues is the fact that it contains probiotics. Thus, it keeps your kitten’s gut flora well-nourished.

Plus, it does not contain corn, wheat, artificial colors, soy, flavors, or preservatives. So, you can rest easy knowing that your cat is eating healthy food. To mix up the flavors, you can add cat food toppers and service this meal to your cat.

  • Contains probiotics for digestive health
  • Made with real ocean whitefish
  • Does not contain poultry by-products
  • Rich in proteins

  • Kibbles are too big for some cats

 3   Best For Adults:

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Cat Food

Best Grain Free Kitten Foods Reviews 2021 Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free

If you’re looking for grain-free cat foods for your growing kitten, try the Blue Buffalo Wilderness cat food as it is made with real duck. Rich in protein, the cat food helps in building lean muscle mass while keeping your cat’s tummy full.

Despite being grain-free, this cat food contains some carbohydrates, including sweet potatoes and peas. So, your cat will get all nutrients. Moreover, it contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids that help in improving the coat appearance and skin.

The formula also contains LifeSource Bits, a special blend from the company which contains minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants. Along with keeping your cat healthy, these nutrients also fulfill their life stage requirements. Most importantly, the company only uses the finest ingredients to ensure that your cat is eating the best good. There are no artificial flavors, soy, or wheat in the food.

  • Made with real duck
  • Contains carbohydrates such as sweet potatoes
  • LifeSource Bits for immune health
  • Fulfills adult life stage requirements
  • Contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids

  • Might make some cats sick

 4   Best Chicken-Containing:

Purina Cat Chow  Naturals Original With Real Chicken

Purina Cat Chow Naturals Grain-Free with Real Chicken

Purina is one of the leading names in the cat food industry, and this Cat Chow from them speaks for their expertise and carefulness for selecting the best ingredients. Made with real chicken, this cat food contains omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids.

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As the cat food contains real poultry, it will help build lean muscle mass in your kitten or adult cat. Moreover, the essential fatty acids are great for feline coat and skin appearance. On the inside, they improve your kitty’s immune system, preventing her from falling sick too often.

  • Made with real chicken
  • Is rich in essential fatty acids
  • No artificial flavors
  • Helps build lean muscle mass

  • Is way too dry

5   Best For Weight Management:

Purina Pro Plan  Weight Management 

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management, High Protein Adult Dry Cat Food

When your kitten is starting to gain weight, it’s time to switch to grain-free cat foods as they’re perfect for weight management. This Purina Pro Plan cat food contains turkey and egg, fulfilling your cat’s protein needs while keeping the carb intake low.

Also, it contains probiotics that are healthy for your cat’s gut. Probiotics also boost immunity, thus, keeping your cat safe from diseases. Purina makes its cat foods without the use of any artificial colors or flavors, so you don’t have to worry about your cat getting sick.

  • Is suitable for weight management
  • Turkey and egg flavor
  • Contains live probiotics
  • Is good for immune health

  • Not all cats like the flavor

 6 Best Value:

Avoderm Natural Grain-free  Dry Cat Food

AvoDerm Natural Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

If your cat prefers duck over other flavors, you should give them the AvoDern Natural dry cat food. This formula is devoid of grain, wheat, corn, and soy. Additionally, no by-products or artificial flavors have been used in making it.

Along with keeping your cat well-fat, this formula also keeps their gut and skin healthy. While the proteins ensure a smooth and healthy coat appearance, the duck meat provides rich nutrition.

Since it is made of real proteins, even your sensitive cats won’t have any issue relishing it. Also, it is suitable for all life stages, so you can feed the same food to your adult cat and kitten.

The company uses simple, high-quality materials, ensuring that they’re highly digestible for your feline friends. Therefore, their formulas are an amazing option for kittens with sensitive stomachs. AvoDerm makes its cat food in Californian Avocado oil. The oil imparts omega fatty acids to cat food and makes it rich in antioxidants to keep the immune system working perfectly.

  • Made of real duck
  • Formulated with avocado oil
  • Promotes skin and coat health
  • For all life stages

  • Post-packaging quality control issues as some buyers received expired bags

7 Best Canned:

Muse Grain-Free Natural Pate Canned Wet Cat Food

Best Grain Free Kitten Foods Reviews 2021 Muse Grain-Free Natural Pate Canned Wet Cat Food

The Muse grain-free wet kitten food contains real chicken as the number one ingredient. Since there is no chicken by-product in the formula, it’s healthy for your cat. Just like all other cat foods on this list, this one is also free of corn, soy, and wheat.

Moreover, it’s filled with the natural goodness of chicken and does not contain artificial colors or preservatives. It has a smooth pate texture that your kitten will fall in love with. Containing a blend of proteins, this cat food is great for your pet’s skin, coat, and immune health.

  • Contain real chicken
  • No chicken by-product meal
  • Has a smooth pate texture
  • No artificial colors and preservatives
  • Poor quality control recently

 8 Best Morsels:

Castor & Pollux Pristine Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

Castor & Pollux Pristine Grain Free Morsels in Gravy Wet Cat Food

This grain-free wet kitten food contains real duck, which is raised without any hormone treatment. More importantly, the company uses cage-free ducks that have been raised with antibiotics.

The formula contains no grain, potatoes, gluten, wheat, or soy. If your cat has a sensitive stomach or has been having digestive problems lately, you should switch to this cat food and see the difference for yourself.

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Moreover, the company grows its products responsibly without using pesticides or fertilizers. Thus, your cat won’t be consuming even a shred of artificial materials, and that is something you can’t say about every other cat good. The single-serving pouch, with morsels, dipped in gravy, is suitable for your growing kitten or adult cat. If there are leftovers, you can simply refrigerate them to keep them fresh.

  • Made using cage-free ducks
  • No antibiotics or hormones used
  • No fertilizers or pesticides used
  • Single serving pouch

  • Gravy might be too little for some cats’ preference

 9 Best Savory:

Solid Gold Goat Milk Mousse Pate Wet Cat Food

Solid Gold - Five Oceans Holistic Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

Grain-free cat foods don’t have to boring and Solid Gold has proved it. This formula from the company is free of grain and gluten, perfect for kittens and adult cats.

If your kitty is a picky eater, try giving them this formula, which contains mousse with real meat. Along with that, the formula also contains seafood and goat milk.

Goal milk is rich in nutrients and is highly palatable for your kittens. Bringing a mousy texture to food, this formula is a perfect meal for your kitten.

  • Contains goat milk
  • Highly palatable and digestible
  • Pate style meal
  • Mousy texture
  • Good for picky eaters

  • Pricy

 10 Best Variety Pack:

Purina Friskies Grain-Free Wet Cat Food Complement

Purina Friskies Cat Food Complement Lil' Soups Lil

If you’re looking for a healthy soup snack for your kitten, this is the one. Purina Friskies food complement contains real seafood and chicken to meet your cat’s dietary requirements.

It is designed to be a complete and balanced diet for your growing cat. Made without any flavors or colors, the formula comes is healthy and nutritious.

Moreover, it comes in cups, so you can conveniently service your kitten without having to refrigerate the food over and over.

  • Different varieties of soup packs
  • Healthy and nutritious
  • Contains real seafood and chicken

  • Is pricier than other options

Best Grain Free Cat Foods Buyer’s Guide

Grain-free cat foods have plenty of advantages, and that’s why many owners are switching to using them for their kittens and adult cats. When it comes to buying the right cat food, you have to factor in a few things.

Let’s discuss the important things that you must keep into consideration when buying grain-free cat food for your feline buddy.

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Have you ever been in a situation where your cat liked a certain cat food initially but then stopped eating it? It’s possibly because the manufacturers may have changed the ingredients.

Whenever you buy cat food, make sure to read the ingredients on the package. If you’re buying online, you can find the ingredients in the description. The ingredients determine whether your cat will like the food or not.

For instance, if you have picky eaters, you may want to try different foods before settling on one. Some ingredients may also make your cat sick, so look out for any symptoms.

Dry or Wet?

Whether to buy grain-free wet kitten food or the dry variety is another thing to factor. Since this depends on your cats, it’s better if you leave the choice to them.

Or, you can get cat food that your vet recommends. Both wet and dry cat food, have their own benefits. With wet cat food, your cat is already getting moisture in their diet, which is healthy for them. As most cats don’t drink water and end up with urinary problems later, it’s good to have moisture in their food.

However, wet food is not for every cat. Dry cat food is equally suitable for your cat as it contains nutrient-rich ingredients. Moreover, your cat might prefer eating dry cat food. Some cats have sensitive stomachs and may not be able to eat wet food.

Allergies and Digestive Problems

While choosing the best grain-free kitten foods, you have to keep your cat’s digestive health into consideration. If you’ve had him or her for a long time, you’d know about their health and what suits them best.

However, if you’ve adopted a kitten or you’re not quite sure about their allergies, try giving them a small portion first to check if the food is okay for them.

Also, make sure that the cat food does not contain soy, wheat, or other allergens. If your cat is showing signs of dislike or is getting sick after you change their food brand, it’s best to try a different one.

Benefits of Grain-Free Cat Foods

In the wild, a cat’s food consists of meat, but your domestic cat might love other treats. Grain-free cat foods are a popular choice among cat owners, and according to some people, it might be the closest thing to a cat’s original diet.

Let’s talk about the benefits of grain-free cat food and why it’s so good for your kitten.


Cats need to eat proteins because they’re carnivores, so their diet mainly consists of animal meat, which is high in protein. At home, your cat won’t get to hunt much, but it still needs the proteins. Grain-free food is usually protein-rich and, thus, good for your cat’s dietary needs.

So, if you’re feeding grain-free formula to your kitten, make sure that it is rich in proteins. The cat food should provide the essential amino acids. In most grain-free meals, you’d see a protein source, such as duck or chicken, as the primary energy source. That’s exactly what your kitty needs.

Fewer Carbs

You’re not the only one who is trying to lower the carbs in their diet. Your cats need a low-carb diet too. One reason for this is weight management. Cats that consume too much grain can end up getting fat. Grain-free cat food helps in weight loss, keeping your kitten well-fed and active.

Carbohydrates are not just grain but also come from other sources such as potatoes and peas. If your vet has suggested you limit carb consumption for your cat, you may want to give them food that does not even contain non-grain carbs.

Instead, you should look for grain-free cat foods that are rich in protein and low in carbs. These foods help meet the daily protein requirements of your kitten while keeping the carbohydrate levels low so that your cats don’t get fat.

Secondly, carbs aren’t a cat’s original diet. It’s okay to have some carbs in food, but if there are too many carbohydrate sources, they might upset your feline friend’s stomach. If you haven’t found the cat food with the right proportion of proteins and carbs, experiment with different brands until you find the one.

Good for Sensitive Stomachs

Some kittens have sensitive stomachs so they can experience allergies if they’re fed grainy foods. The symptoms may appear on their skin or as digestive issues. It might be a bit tricky at first, but you have to find out the ingredient that might be causing the trouble and then remove it from your kitten’s diet.

Cat foods with grain are more likely to cause allergies because grains are a common cat allergen. Instead of waiting for your cat to get sick before changing their food, it’s best to switch to grain-free cat foods so that there’s no trouble later.


How Do I Know If My Cat Has an Allergy?

If there’s an allergen in the cat’s food, your cat will show symptoms of an allergy. Some signs of an allergy are inflamed skin, sores, hair loss, grooming, itchiness, bald patches, and scabs. If you see any of these signs, it’s best to take your kitty to the vet as soon as possible and stop using the food that you’re currently using.
The cat food isn’t always the reason behind the allergy, as cats can have an allergic reaction due to weather change or a flea bite. Still, to stay on the safe side, you should head to the vet. Before going back to the same food, make sure that the allergy is the result of something other than what your cat is eating.

Are All Grain-Free Kitten Foods Carb-Free?

Pet parents often think that if they’re feeding their kitten grain-free food, it’s bound to be free of carbs. This isn’t true for all cat foods. Some of them have carbs other than grains, such as lentils and sweet potatoes.
If you want to exclude a certain carbohydrate from your cat’s diet due to their allergies, make sure to read the ingredient list.

What is the Best Grain Free Cat Food Flavor?

When buying grain-free cat food, you’ll see that there are many options, including duck, chicken, salmon, and turkey. Unfortunately, you can’t be the one to choose the flavor, and initially, you’ll have to try a few flavors to determine your cat’s favorite.
If your cat is a fussy eater, he or she may stop eating a certain flavor after some time. It’s good to switch the flavors from time to time if your cat doesn’t mind it.

Does My Cat Need a Gluten-Free Diet?

Cats don’t necessarily need a gluten-free diet unless they are allergic to gluten. It’s a very uncommon thing to happen in cats, so you don’t have much to worry about. Gluten is found in grains such as wheat, rye, and barley. Grain-free cat food is gluten-free since it does not contain any kind of grain.

Final Words

Being a cat parent is a rewarding job, but at times, it can be stressful. For instance, when choosing the right food for your cats, you have to make sure that you’re giving them the best. With so many brands and kinds of food, it is definitely hard to make a choice.

In this article, we discussed the best grain-free kitten foods for your feline family members. You can choose between wet and dry, packaged and canned.

Hopefully, this guide would have helped you pick the right kitten food. Let us know in the comments about your cat’s favorite food.


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