How To Deal With Your Dog’s Bizarre Behavior

How To Deal With Your Dog’s Bizarre Behavior? Dogs share our lives in a way that most other animals fail to do. Dogs are friendly, and they love human companionship. No dog person will ever disagree that the best feeling at the end of a tedious day is when your dog waits by the door- Smiling face, mouth open, and tail wagging, ready to dote on you, his best friend in the world.

Dogs are loyal and are eager to please you in any way they can. When feeling melancholy, your dog will remain by your side, comforting you. When happy and excited, your dog will leap about you and share in your joy. They’re playful and love physical activities such as going for walks, fetching sticks, diving into ponds, and racing wildly to and fro. Yet dogs can also be soft and cuddly and ready at any time for a loving pet and a reassuring hug. Dogs are affectionate and soothing. Metawoof

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The company of a dog is better than that of a human any day. But sometimes our dogs can behave in a manner we might not understand. The dog owner may take dog training tips from the internet. Although it never really works well. Let us find out why. (Find the best dog breed for your home.)

Do We Really Understand Our Dog’s Behavior?

Behavior refers to the actions or reactions of an organism. Behavior is usually concerning the environment and is controlled by the endocrine and nervous systems. Animals’ behavior is influenced by many factors. Some of these factors include genetic predisposition, experience and learning, environment, and physiology. Source

Dogs are enthusiastic and naturally want to please and play with people, especially the people who love them. Compared to our brains, dogs have the level of cognition of a three to five-year-old which means they can understand a lot of what we do and say. They respond to familiar voices and are excellent at determining whether someone is a friend or foe. They are capable of making associations and reacting to stimuli.

Their strong sense of observation allows them to pick up hints in our body language, smells, and the tones of our voices. Like humans, dogs are also capable of feeling certain things like optimism, anxiety, happiness, fear, and depression. They get jealous when another dog gets a bigger reward for the same behavior, and their brains respond to dog anxiety medication like Prozac.

There is also evidence that dogs who experience traumatic events experience symptoms of PTSD, just like humans. The family dog is as much a part of daily life within a home as is any human household member. Our dogs are always there for us, day and night, sharing in every activity from breakfast time through a cozy evening spent watching TV. They can share both our indoor and many of our local outdoor activities, but that’s not all. Dogs also play a big part in family life.

What Are The Behavioral Problems In Dogs?

As playful and helpful dogs can be, certain things can be contemplated as outrageous. Such behavior can fall under behavioral problems that your dog might have. Does any of this sound familiar?

  • Your dog doesn’t listen to you.
  • You need to train a new Puppy.
  • Your dog barks uncontrollably.
  • Your dog is pulling on the leash.
  • Your dog is aggressive.
  • Your dog is chewing things he shouldn’t.
  • Your dog is digging all the time.
  • Your dog is Jumping up.
  • You’re frustrated with your dog.
  • You may even regret getting your Dog.
  • You’re worried you might have to give up your Dog because of behavior problems you can’t handle.
  • You feel helpless to control your dog.
  • You tell your dog ‘no’ with no success.
  • Your dog gets overexcited and it is hard to settle down.
  • Your dog is whining constantly.
  • Your dog has a fear of certain sounds or stimuli or suffers from anxiety.
  • You want a dog who obeys you.
  • You want a better bond with your dog.
  • You want less stress.

How Can These Problems Be Solved?

In today’s scenario, dogs suffer from a lack of mental stimulation and quality time spent with ‘its’ people. The resulting boredom and anxiety can lead to no end of physical and behavioral problems. Almost ANY behavior problem you can think of can be cured easily and quickly with simple techniques. Brain Training for Dogs is the solution!

The science behind the system of correcting bad behaviors is simple. You may have heard of the idea of ‘neuroplasticity in the human brain. A well-established idea was researched heavily at Harvard and other leading universities. In other words – our brains are like soft plastic – always capable of molding and changing to learn new habits and behaviors. Well, your dog is the same in the same boat.

With the right mental stimulation and training dog’s brain will become more open and receptive to learning new information. Your dog will listen to you and better understand what you are telling him to do. When this happens – your dog’s bad behaviors fade away as more desirable ones appear in their place.

Dos And Don’ts Of Training Your Dog

  • Most Dog training programs today fail to engage your dog on a mental level. So, it is important to make sure that it has a professional dog trainer.
  • Most dog training programs fail you and your dog because they never address the root cause of your dog’s problem behavior. They give you some cookie-cutter technique to stop biting, chewing or barking – which is short-term in its effectiveness at best. Therefore, your dog trainer should know how brain training for dogs works.
  • Most dog training programs use OUTDATED force and dominance techniques. This is proven NOT to work by the latest research. Various professional dog training courses can help you train your dog. Take their help.
  • PHONEYS help in curating other online dog training programs with no certification. It is dangerous, since using the wrong techniques will lead to problem behaviors getting worse.
  • Do not trust these programs. Instead, go for a certified dog owner or professional dog training online courses.
  • The methods used should be force-free and gentle. They should rely on the latest science in dog behavior research to create a strong bond between you and your dog and create positive emotions in your dog as opposed to fearful ones.

Once You Learn the Simple Techniques for Unlocking Your Dog’s Natural Intelligence, you will be amazed at how quickly problem behaviors disappear, and your dog starts to obey you!


Dogs give us the best of themselves: their love, loyalty, unconditional acceptance and affection, playfulness, and companionship. In return, we owe them our best and the best care that we can give them. They deserve gentle handling and an abundance of our time and attention.

Love can make a dog’s world go around as much as love makes our world go around. When we give our love freely to our dogs, we receive their love in return. As far as their training is concerned, they deserve the best online professional dog training courses that cater to the root cause of their problems and handle them with utmost care. Dogs can be man’s and woman’s and children’s best friends, and we should feel honored to be theirs, as well.

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