How To Trim Your Pet Nails With Nail Clippers

How To Trim Your Pet Nails With Nail Clippers? Grooming your pet is a vital role you, as a caretaker and its best friend should not miss. Start with tiny steps before they hurt their tiny feet with the best toenail clippers. All you have to do is to trim or cut the excess nails from their toes before it turns into a hurdle for your friend’s motion/nail breakages.

It is important to keep a regular check on your pet’s nail growth and after its 8th week, you can start trimming/cutting it. Since then, you should be able to spend time and money to buy the best pet nail clippers and trim the excess nail every 2/3 weeks (recommended), but it can vary according to your Pet nail growth. Let’s have a look at How To Trim Your Pet Nails.

Factors To Consider Before Buying A Pet Nail Clipper

The first and foremost factor to consider is the availability of various clippers in the market. You should also know the right and apt features of a nail clipper that will suit your Pet.

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Excluding this attribute, there are other major factors you should consider, and they are:

1. Safety Features

The presence of nail guards is important because they make sure that the blades do not slip/cut unnecessarily while you are using them. Sometimes, these guards might hide the view for you, making it difficult for you to cut but these are movable and are therefore user-friendly.

In Plier-style nail clippers, there’s an automatic locking feature that avoids any accidents to happen, instead makes the tool handier. However, though this feature sounds helpful, you will have to unlock the clippers for every cut you make and this may seem annoying.

  • Guillotine nail clippers have a safety stop that prevents one from overcutting the nails.
  • Even in Scissor clippers, there’s a safety guard inserted to stop over-cutting your pet’s nails.
  • A few nail grinders have a safety cap on top of it. This is to avoid inserting the whole nail for grinding and also to avoid the insertion of any hair. You need to ensure safety while using nail Grinders to grind your Pet excess nails because certain Pets might see this as a destructive weapon.
  • However, make sure there’s a voluntary locking system in the nail clippers you buy, irrespective of the tool’s type/buy Pet nail clippers with the sensor.

2. Sharpness Blade & Precision In Cutting

Only when the nail clipper’s blade is sharp, it can be used with efficiency. However, every blade tends to rust after some time, but you need to buy the right nail clipper which has a durable and reliable blade, which runs for a comparatively good period.

  • The blades should be very much durable because these can be used for all types of Pet with all types of nails.
  • For Guillotine clippers, the blade needs to be reliable for both small and medium-sized Pet nails.
  • The sharpness of the Scissor clippers must be strong, durable, and should last for long because they are particularly used for cutting long and very strong nails.
  • The blades in the nail grinders must be the most efficient as these grinders grind the excess nail and not just cut them. It is mostly for Pets with thick nails.
  • On the whole, buy the nail clippers that are considered professional Pet nail clippers to make sure the blades are sharp and durable, and their cutting precisions are precise and not vague.

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3. Always Select The Right Size

One of the major factors you should consider while buying a nail clipper for your Pets is whether the nail clipper’s size will suit your Pet nails. ‘Small-Medium’ and ‘Medium-Large’ are the 2 types of nail clippers available in the market. Depending upon your cat/dog’s size, choose wisely.

4. Easy To Use & Compact Designs

How To Trim Your Pet Nails and Cutting your Pet nails is a man-made work and so comfort is another inevitable factor to consider. Make sure you buy nail clippers that have rubber grips rather than slick handles, to avoid accidents while cutting. There’s also a peculiar kind of handles in the Guillotine and Plier-style handles, but the ultimate decision is yours. It is best to touch and feel it, before buying the nail clippers. You can also try using Pet nail clippers with light for a more illuminated work experience.

5. Always Check Product Reviews

At the end of your buying process, it is crucial to check the customer reviews or get practical feedback from real-time users about the product you want to buy. Only when the ratings and reviews are good, you need to buy that nail clipper. This is to ensure better practical performance, especially for electric Pet nail clippers.

How To Use Nail Clipper To Cut Your Pet Nail?

How To Trim Your Pet Nails Infographic

Before jumping into action, analyze your Pets state of mind, its nail size, and also the apt nail clipper you need to have. The next step is to ensure that you are ready to use the professional cat/dog nail clippers without hurting your pet.

  • Here’s A General List Of Instructions You Need To Follow For Cutting Your Pet Nails, All By Yourself:
  • The first and foremost step is to make your pet get familiar with the nail clipper you are going to use. Place the tool in front of your pet, at least for a while.
  • Get hold of the first toe in which you want to cut the nail and hold your trimmer at a slight angle to cut along the nail’s shape. Always cut in small lengths.
  • You need to stop when you see the nail-colored circle/quick because that’s the end line. Stay cautious while cutting, especially if your Pet has black fur.
  • As the last step, use the emery board to smoothen the rough surfaces of the nails, just like you do it for yourself.

NOTE: If you accidentally cut the ‘quick’ area and it starts to bleed, use corn starch/ the styptic powder with slight pressure. If all these do not stop the bleeding then consult a veterinarian.


Based on the above-mentioned points, you might have gained knowledge about when, and how you should use certain nail clippers to cut/trim/grind the extra nails of your pet Pet. However, the choices you make in buying a nail clipper and the way you are going to use to cut the nails reflect in your best friend’s physical wellness.


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