9 Facts Why Does Your Cat Licking & Biting You

Cats are known for their love of licking. They lick to show love and attention, as well as for grooming purposes. But sometimes cats will also lick you when they are hungry or thirsty, or if they want to show dominance over you! It is important that cat owners know why a kitty is licking them so that they can figure out what the issue might be. Read on to learn why does my cat lick me than bite me?

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If a cat is busy grooming themselves, watch out! This usually means that they are hungry or thirsty. Cats will often begin this grooming process whenever they feel particularly hungry or thirsty and sometimes even after playing hard for a long period of time. If you are not around when your cat needs water, they might lick you to get your attention so that you can quickly fetch them some. If this is the case with your cat, why does my cat lick me than bite me?

Why Does My Cat Lick Then Bite Me?

To show affection! It is common for cats to lick each other as a form of greeting and to show love when it has been a long time since they have been with their family. Cats will often lick one another and the person who feeds them to show appreciation for everything you do for them! That is why does my cat lick me than bite me?

Here are some reasons behind cat licking his owners:

1. Cat Is showing affection and bonding with you

Cats like to lick their owners, and they will often do it when they are being affectionate. When a cat licks your face, they are showing that they love you. Licking is a way for your kitty to show you how much he or she cares about you.

Cats like to lick their owners and owners should not be afraid of this. They do so to show they care about you and want affection from you. When a cat licks your face, they are showing that they love you and may even be asking for attention or help. if cat is licking your hair, it could mean that he or she is trying to groom you.

2. Cat is Happy and Excited

Some cats will bite their owners when they are happy. This is because they are trying to assert dominance as a way of saying, “I’m the boss here!” Not all cats do this, but some do.

If you do not want your cat to have his or her way, be sure not to punish them for biting you. Instead, try avoiding situations where your cat might feel too dominant over you so that it will not happen again.

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3. Kitten is in the teething process

The reason why some cats will bite during the teething process is that it hurts when their teeth come in. They might also have a little bit of swelling around where their new teeth are popping up, and this can make them irritable.

4. Cat is stress and angry

Cats often become more aggressive when they are from stress or angry. Sometimes, a cat may also be biting its owner when he or she is genuinely aggravated due to something that has happened in the environment.    If your cat is attacking you out of aggression, then you should either try to find out what caused this behavior and remedy the problem, or you should get your cat professional help.

5. Cat is hungry and needs food

If your cat comes in to bite you than lick you, he might be hungry. Cats, like any other animal, need food!  Providing food for your cat on time is important in maintaining a happy and healthy household for your pet. Make sure you feed the kitty at least once during the night, so he or she does not have to bite you out of hunger.

6. It is fun for Pet!

There are a few cats that just like to tease and play around with their owners. Some of these playful felines might try to bite you or nip at your fingers for a good laugh.  This is not usually harmful, but it can be annoying sometimes.

Cats are not domesticated animals, they have the instinct to bite as well as groom themselves and others in their environment, including their owner or pet, especially kittens who does not know other ways, yet your cat will still enjoy the licking and grooming after teething process because this is part

7. Your cat is lonely and need company

Cats will often lick their owners to get attention. Just like some people, cats will often be more affectionate when they want something from you. That may be your time or your company.

If your cat is licking you too much than now is the time to devote more quality time with kitty, so he does not feel lonely anymore.

8. Your cat is trying to let you know he or she wants something

Cats will often lick their owners as a way of letting them know what they want, whether it be affection or leashed outside. If your cat starts licking you more than usual, there is a good chance that it could mean that he or she is asking for something.  You just need to figure out what it is. You can ask your vet if you are really at a loss.

9. Your cat wants to play with you 

Cats love to play, and some cats will even start licking their owners as a way of getting them in the mood for some fun.  If you see your cat leaping at you or pawing at your hands and face, this is probably his or her way of saying, “Let’s play!” The good news about this behavior is that it is a great way to keep your cat healthy and entertained.


If your cat is biting you more than usual, there is a good chance that he or she is asking for something. You just need to figure out what it is.  You can ask your vet if you are really at a loss.

If you have taken care of all the possible reasons why your cat might be biting you and they are still coming back to do it again then try using an object like a toy with catnip on it to distract them from biting. Cats love to play so this should help both of you.

My cat has been biting me too often, what should I do?

It may be that your cat wants more attention and affection from you, or it could simply be that they want to play, and you are not responding. If you want to keep your beloved cat happy, then it might be worth trying to give them more attention as well as time for playing. There are many ways of doing this without spoiling them and allowing bad behavior to continue.

How Do I Get My Cat to Stop Licking Me?

Licking isn’t usually a problem, as long as your cat isn’t excessively grooming you and licking you repeatedly. It is, however, annoying to have your hands constantly licked by a cat due to the rough surface of the tongue.

You should try to redirect their attention if you’re trying to curb this behavior. Try to distract them from licking by cuddling or petting them if they like cuddles. Additionally, you might try to distract them from licking by using a toy.

The last thing you can do if the licking becomes excessive is to just walk away if it becomes repetitive.

We recommend you always contact your veterinarian if at any time you are concerned with your cat’s behavior – even if they are licking you as a compliment.

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